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Techno Storage Solutions introduce you metal Filing Cabinet for keeping files and documents instantly and which are uses frequently in the offices. Our expert team have designed and developed 2,3,4 and 5 drawer filing cabinets using best quality material (CRCA). We make filing cabinet absolutely customized in dimensions, shape and aesthetics. Our 7 tank process powder coating increases its life span.

• Instant Storage of files and documents. 
• Economic Solution. 
• Long Life Durability. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Corporate Offices, Government Offices, Hospitals, Banks, School and Colleges etc. for keeping Files and documents.

A filing drawer cabinet is a piece of furniture that is used to store and organize vital paper papers. Typical filing cabinets include two to four drawers, each of which holds several file folders that may be retrieved via a small handle on the cabinet's exterior. For organization and identification, most file cabinets feature a label holder attached to the front. The numerous types of filing cabinets seen in offices and places of business include single box, vertical, and lateral filing cabinets, which are generally composed of sheet metal or wood composite.


Filing drawer cabinets come in different shapes and sizes:
● Lateral filing cabinets have drawers that extend from the longest side of the cabinet. Compared to conventional filing drawer cabinet prices, lateral filing cabinets have a wider drawer, which is suitable for remote locations where a more extended drawer would be too long.
● Vertical Filing Cabinets have drawers that extend from the short side of the filing cabinet. The drawers have more depth as a result of this design. Vertical filing cabinets are usually higher than lateral filing cabinets and require more space to completely extend.


Filing Drawer Cabinet Benefits:
● As the best filing drawer cabinet manufacturer, the lateral filing cabinet is side-by-side throughout the drawer's length.
● Because of this, these cabinets are ideal for high-volume enterprises that need to store a vast quantity of files while still identifying essential documents fast.
● Additional storage can be found on the long, wide top surface.


Why should you buy a filing drawer cabinet from us?
● Space Saving: One of the main reasons offices choose a vertical filing system is to conserve space. Vertical filing cabinets are much narrower than lateral filing cabinets. Therefore they save a lot of room.
● Easier to Organize: In this form of filing system, users place folders vertically. This filing type requires folders with a shorter front side and a taller backside with the folder identification.
● Shelf Arrangement: Folders can be arranged in an open shelf arrangement in a vertical file system, similar to how they are in libraries. If your office has a lot of files and folders, the open shelf order is incredibly beneficial.
● Hang Files: The suspending method of file and folder layout is possible with a vertical filing system. Users can put individual sheets and papers into files hanging on their open ends without removing them from their current location.

Our approach to building a filing cabinet saves money and allows for more personalization as the filing drawer cabinet manufacturer. 


Take Interior Dimensions
Measuring the inside measurements before converting them to a file cabinet is one of the first procedures. Your drawer should have at least a minimum inside height to enable most hanging frame applications and prevent files from dragging.


Examine the Load Ratings
Checking your load ratings is another key step in converting a drawer to a file cabinet. Make sure the drawer box and drawer slides are rated for the additional paper load.


Select a Rail Type
Selecting the type of hanging rails is another crucial stage in building your own file cabinet. Consider our adjustable file brackets and bars for a customizable alternative to typical file rail systems.