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Techno Storage Solutions introduce you slotted Angle Racks to store all type of storages needs in the industry of Logistic warehouses, workshops, Engineering Shops, Factories etc. Our slotted angle racks comes in light duty to heavy duty type storages. Our rack comes in two types one is open type and second is closed type with cladding sheets. As per clients requirement of weight load capacity we designs the racks. Its nut bolting systems allow users to dismantle and re-install anywhere. Its easy construction allows us to increase easily as per clients future requirement. Our Slotted Angle Racks are made from good quality material (Mild Steel – HR). or as per clients requirement.

• Nut Bolting Systems. 
• Easy to install or re-install. 
• Economic Solution. 
• Long Life Durability. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Warehouses, Workshops, Pharmaceutical Sectors, School, Colleges, Book Stores, Libraries, General Stores, Supermarkets, Hospitals etc. for keeping any type of storages.


Slotted angle shelving is a versatile storage solution frequently utilized in warehousing and other storage applications across all industries. This shelf system comprises heavy-duty, lightweight, and reusable metal racks organized according to storage needs. Nuts and bolts are used to create and assemble these metal frameworks. Angle racks with slots are simple to install and inexpensive. This storage technique is one of the most effective warehouse storage options.

As slotted angle racks manufacturers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In India, we are the leading supplier of slotted angle racks. We build shelves to the specifications of our customers. The following are the fundamental forms of slotted angle shelving for various industrial applications:

● Basic Slotted Angle Shelves: These are simple slotted angle shelves put together to form a storage system. They are commonly used in industries to store light and somewhat heavy loads. These shelves are open on both sides, allowing for storage and retrieval from either side.
● Closed Rack Storage: For small product storage, shelves with a sheet metal rack covering provide better security and prevent parts from falling. These shelves have a single-sided entrance for product storage and retrieval.
● Shelving with Partitions: Shelves with partitions for storing various pieces are used in this storage system. This approach makes it simple to sort and store products according to their specifications.


Slotted Angle Racks Have a Lot of Advantages:

Slotted angle shelving is a multi-purpose storage system that has several advantages over conventional storage options.
● Each shelf may be readily adjusted and disassembled to be reused as needed.
● The hole spacing allows the slotted angles to be connected with the most number of bolt connections possible.
● There is no need for drilling when installing slotted-angle shelves.
● All sides of the storage system have clear access.
● Rust-resistant powder coating
● Metal straps can be swapped out.
● Sturdy, high-strength construction.
● Flexibility to meet a variety of storage requirements.
● It is cost-effective and straightforward to use.

As for slotted angle manufacturers in India, we provide a comprehensive range of storage solutions, such as slotted angle shelving, pallet racking, textile racks, and tailored to meet the product requirements. These are available in a variety, gauges, and sizes. We employ high-quality raw materials, and all of our finishes are powder-coated for corrosion resistance and increased longevity. We have the expertise to design native solutions that allow us to address a wide range of storage requirements.


Shelves with Slots are made of a variety of materials.

Steel is the most typical material for slotted angles; however other materials such as aluminum are also available. Pressing machines are used to punch holes and shape the angles in slotted shelves made of sheet metal.


Slotted Angle Racks are available in a variety of sizes.

Because they are available for both light-duty and heavy-duty workloads, slotted-angle shelves are ideal for every business. Our client-centric processes ensure that we deliver high-quality solutions that match our clients' needs. We are ideally positioned as a best-slotted angle manufacturer to provide bespoke solutions for our clients, ensuring that their needs are not limited by any limits.