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Techno Storage Solutions introduce you knock down worker lockers for keeping worker’s personal belongings like bags, tiffins etc. Our locker are made knock down type to easy transport and installation at site. In today’s modern world Call Centers, BPO’s, Corporate Offices requires this type of lockers. Our expert team designs the lockers for different application, very user-friendly and constructed using best quality material (CRCA). Our 7 tank process powder coating gives best finish to it.

• Safe Storage. 
• Economic Solution. 
• Long Life Durability. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Call Centers, Corporate Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Airport etc. for keeping worker's personal belongings storage.

Compression against studs holds knock-down lockers in place, and the bottom anchor is hooked to the studs through the wall. Together with the fact that the frame comprises three independent sections, these features make them more easily replaceable. On the negative side, seams and screws are apparent in knock-down lockers. You might not think that's a huge concern, but if you have frames with apparent seams across your facility, you might reconsider. On the other hand, a skilled person can simply conceal the seams and make the knock-down frames appear seamless.

Knock-down lockers have the following advantages:

As the best knock-down locker manufacturer, we offer many combi-cam locks for knock-down lockers as part of our product line. We put many knock-down lockers locks through their paces and tested their Camlock fittings to see which ones we might suggest to you.
● Maximum Combinations: This lock has no springs and stays in the position it was set at the last time it was used. Even once the lock is fitted, you have the option of shifting the turning direction to the opposite side if necessary.
● Camlock Fittings: When you receive the lock, the combination will be set to 0. Each of the three wheels has ten digits, ranging from 0 to 9, in a bright white tone. The lock features a pinhole on the bottom that you may use to set any combination you choose.

Why knock down lockers from us?
Installation: Lockers must be base level, with flat exteriors and rigid attachment to anchoring surfaces. They must be fitted following Lockers Manufacturing's installation guidelines.

Assembly: While bolting is an acceptable method of assembly, Lockers Manufacturing suggests riveting. Rivets give a robust permanent connection but enable easier removal by drilling if lockers need to be rearranged or broken pieces need to be replaced in the future.

1. Make sure doors and latches aren't binding.
2. Check to see sure the locks are working correctly.
3. Adjust built-in locks to prevent dial or key binding and ensure smooth functioning before proceeding to the next step.

Safety: Installed products should be protected until the job is completed. Delivery, Storage, and Handling: To protect the locker finish and adjacent surfaces from damage, keep the product in the manufacturer's unopened packing until ready to install.

Our offers have progressed from the knock-down lockers to high-end holistic security solutions that now protect millions of homes and offices, as well as the premises. We provide security that protects the nation and its most valuable assets, from pioneering the concept of a springless lock that assures that every key is unique to innovative digital-driven integrated solutions available in low knock-down lockers prices.

We are most popular in India:

The knock-down lockers are one of our most well-known items. Locker systems are popular and well-liked because of their ability to maximize storage space. As knock-down lockers manufacturers, we have developed this locker system frequently used to keep many items. All of our products, including knock-down locker, are very pocket-friendly in price.