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Techno Storage Solutions introduce you slotted angle based Mezzanine Floor. Our expert team designs the mezzanine floor as per the area available and weight loading capacity. We provide Pre-assembled staircase where necessary. Our slotted angle based Mezzanine Floor is absolutely flexible in dismantle and reinstall at different location.

• Nut Bolting Systems. 
• Easy to install or re-install. 
• Economic Solution. 
• Long Life Durability. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Warehouses, Workshops, Factories etc. for increase the work place or storage place using height of premises.


Best Mezzanine manufacturers

A mezzanine is a floor erected between the main floor and the ceiling of a building and is partially open to the main floor. They have a low ceiling and project out but do not completely cover the main floor. Mezzanines are frequently referred to as the floor above the ground floor. Mezzanines can be permanent or temporary, depending on their use. They can be used as extra office space, storage, or a work platform. Mezzanines can be erected in various places and configurations, including as a platform outside a building to increase access or as a second floor to a work area.


Where must our mezzanine be used?

Office Location:

Mezzanine manufacturers provide a friendly work atmosphere above the ground level while taking up very little space. Supervisors must remain on the manufacturing floor in most firms, but they require an office to handle the paperwork. Mezzanine offices are located on the factory floor, close to the work area, and provide office space.


Conveyor and catwalk systems can be constructed by us, the best mezzanine manufacturers, which provide a way to carry employees and inventory above the facility level without disrupting work areas. It can be stretched from the ceiling or supported from the floor or neighboring structures such as racks and mezzanines to connect pre-existing mezzanine levels.


Platforms for Conveyors:

Companies want to integrate automation into their operations, but they don't have the room.


Manufacturers of Mezzanine Furniture have the following advantages:

The best reason to install a mezzanine in your business is to gain more floor space, but warehouse mezzanines also have additional benefits. Mezzanines are extremely adaptable since they can be made to fit any space. They can be manufactured in any shape or size, and they can be expanded or shortened as needed. Storage mezzanines can be disassembled and reconstructed at a new job site if an operation has to relocate. Mezzanines are a long-term investment that may help most businesses save money by allowing more products and equipment to be stored and increasing worker efficiency. A practical workstation is not cluttered. A storage mezzanine can offer value to your business, whether it's for a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, or a retail location.


Our mezzanine structures are as follows:

By doubling or tripling the surface area of the space's working height, mezzanine floors allow it to be used to its maximum capacity. Railing systems for various mezzanines have been devised to suit the mezzanine. 



• As well-engineered mezzanine manufacturers in India have considered all relevant aspects to create a mezzanine that meets the space requirements and qualifies. 
• A poorly built mezzanine will include too many features and materials that are either redundant or improper. 
• A poorly built mezzanine has the potential to fail structurally and collapse. To attain the correct capacity, a correctly constructed mezzanine employs as little steel as feasible. To enhance strength and use the least amount of material possible, a design should maximize material efficiency.