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Techno Storage Solutions introduce you a wide range of metal lockers for different – different industries. Our expert team designs and manufacture the lockers absolutely customized in sizes, shape and aesthetic looks keeping in mind client’s usage and application. Our lockers come with a good quality locks which gives safety to users for their belongings. Our Lockers are maintenance free and have long life durability. Our 7 tank process powder coating increases its life span. Our Lockers provide a suitable space for users to store their valuable belongings like bags, tiffin, water bottle, wallets, safety helmets, mobile phones etc.

• Safe Storage. 
• Economic Solution. 
• Long Life Durability. 
• Custom made solution as per client’s requirement. 

• Call Centers, Gym – Club Houses, Schools & colleges, Warehouses, Factories, Hospitals etc. for staff or workers personal belongings storage.


For industrial workers, shop clerks, restaurant workers, construction workers, government employees, and other types of personnel, lockers have always been a part of the job. The entire picture of a healthy or unpleasant work environment is influenced by the quality of those lockers. Companies may help raise employee morale by providing secure, clean, and well-maintained employee lockers where employees can begin and end their day with a positive impression of their employer.


Staff or Worker Lockers Have the Following Advantages:

● Personal belongings storage: This is an important issue to consider while organizing a working environment. Employees benefit from having their own personal storage area since it allows them to safeguard their goods and reduce clutter in the workplace.
● Storage of work equipment and personal files: The workplace's bare interior essentials are critical. Storage is, therefore, necessary to provide a smooth operation in all aspects of the organization. Implementing a secure locker storage system into your property can help businesses that typically set aside a significant amount of space for their utilities, such as retail stores, recreational centers, and traditional office spaces.
● Safe storage facilities: Such as drawers and cupboards are available at many workplaces. However, if several employees share a unit, privacy and security are almost guaranteed to be a concern.

We are one of the leading makers of staff or worker lockers system manufacturers. Our offered product completely meets your storage and warehousing demands because it incorporates the most up-to-date design and technology. We have an advantage because of our significant experience spanning a lot. The staff or worker lockers system prices are affordable.

Durable and long-lasting: Our staff or worker lockers are designed to make the most of the storage space provided while easily accessible. Because these are simple to use, they are safer and faster to utilize. These components boost warehousing and storage efficiency, resulting in higher overall productivity.

The lockers are only one of the many high-quality, safe systems we provide. The foundation of this personal locker is made up of front panels, shelves, vertical and back panels, central walls, and end panels. This low contact rate aids in minimizing the friction rate of the wheel.


Benefits of taking a locker from us include:

● Safety: Locker security is a function of both the user and the unique lock technology. It's critical to keep your key, code, or access card safe and in your possession at all times when using any locker items that are stored at the user's own risk.
● Organizing Work Equipment and Files: To maintain smooth functioning in all areas of the organization, it is critical to have a well-organized workplace.
● Easily can keep personal items: Employees benefit from having personal storage space since it allows them to safeguard their goods while also reducing clutter in the workplace.


India's most successful business:

One of our most well-known products is staff or worker locker. Locker systems are popular and appreciated for their ability to maximize available capacity. As one of the best staff or worker lockers manufacturers, our locker systems are widely used to store papers and records. Corrosion-resistant storage solutions are available.